When in Rome…

Hi all,

This site will remain stagnant.  I didn’t want to scrap all the Edexcel GCSE resources and some of the KS3 / more general resources.

It is time to focus on IB and IGCSE and building my content for these courses.  I will, of course, continue to blog.

You can find my new site here: https://engteacherabroad.com/

Please feel free to follow and keep up-to-date with my adventures 😀

Thanks for all your lovely comments today.

I also want to remind people I am not dead.  I am living my best life in Italy, working at a wonderful school.  I want to engage more fully with research in a positive manner and dedicate more of my time to this.

I also want to comment that my experiences on Twitter have been predominantly positive but I have watched an increase in passive aggressiveness in the way people have started to speak to each other.  I don’t tolerate people who do this in my real life, let alone the virtual world. This is obviously something that happens as your timeline grows but is so draining and not very nice.  Curate your timelines carefully and use the mute, block buttons as and when you need them.

Be happy 😀

One Comment Add yours

  1. Thanks for all the sharing and caring, Freya. Have done a lot of curating of my own timeline in the last few days, and have deleted app from phone. Have read 4 books in 6 days as a consequence lol! (Can highly recommend ‘Such a Fun Age’, ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ and ‘The Nickel Boys’. Have a great summer. Julie x

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