Curriculum Planning

This weekend I had the absolute privilege of attending Research Ed Durro Loom.  One presentation that really struck me was Phil Stock’s presentation in which he spoke about the Twitter whirlwind – the whirlwind of sharing resources, ideas and reactions to research.  Sometimes we can react to what we see and rush to put these into place where we work but to what benefit?  How does it fit in with our strategy and our thinking with regard to curriculum planning, for example?  This got me thinking, we are so good at sharing resources on Twitter and ideas but less good perhaps at exploring the thinking behind those ideas or resources.  And it is the thinking that is really important.  Phil argues that now we really need to focus on good quality implementation.

So I want to set us a challenge: the ‘Curriculum PLanning challenge’.  Let’s share our thinking, our rationale, our strategy.  Let’s explore and discuss these because it is through discussion with others that our ideas are developed and enhanced.

Over 25 educators have already signed up to get involved.  Here is what I propose.  During the month of April let’s collate our ideas about curriculum in a Loom, or a screencast or a simple power point with audio.  Let’s share these.  I have offered to collate them here.  Let’s watch, listen, be provoked to think, engage and discuss…via Twitter threads, messaging, and other forms of discussion.  Let’s ask lots and lots of questions.

In May, let’s come together through some conference platform to unpick some of our key findings after we have watched a range of presentations.  And then as we head to the end of this academic year let’s reflect upon our rationale, our strategy and our choices, having been exposed to the thinking of many, many others.

I love learning.  I love growing and I love getting better and this is created with the intention of doing just that.

So in the spirit of sharing here is the first video…my video on how I have approached curriculum planning.  I can’t wait to see everyone else’s.

Shared Curriculum Planning from Twitter

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The messy middle of curriculum planning

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